Terms of Service

“Company” refers to CU Pest Control Pty Ltd, ABN 14 619 203 977 or The People Power Group trading as CU Pest Control ABN 93 344 616 541.

“Client”, or “you” refers to the person or persons requesting Pest Control services by The Company.

“Technician” refers to an employee or contractor working under The Company.

By requesting the company to execute Pest Control services on your site or property, you hereby agree to the conditions stated below.

The Company will take all reasonable care while performing pest control services however you agree that all due diligence will be taken by you to remove or store breakable items, loose items and rubbish from inside and outside of the property before the Technician arrives on site.

1) Warranties on General Pest Control services

Upon completion and successful payment of Pest Control services, the Company offers a 6 month warranty period on services rendered. If there are any general pest concerns after the initial service, the Company will provide a re-treatment. The warranty period does not re-start upon re-treatments, it starts from the initial service date however this warranty is void if instructions provided by the Technician post service are not followed, an example of this is rubbish not being removed or property disposed of from a problem area, upon the discretion of the company a re-treatment fee may apply in this circumstance.

1) Alleged damages to your property or belongings

It is your responsibility to ensure that all fragile items inside and outside including but not limited to standing mirrors, delicate furniture and statues are safely stored away prior to the technician arriving on-site.

The Company, or any Technician will not accept any liability of any kind, including but not limited to, damages or marks on any surface, damage to electrical appliances, damages to furniture or upholstery. It is your responsibility to safeguard your pets / livestock, rain water tanks and food prior to the Technician arriving on-site.

2) Drilling required on your premises

Any drilling, digging or removing of including but not limited to soil, cement, brick performed by the Company is authorised by the client prior to commencement for non-standard services. The Company will take all due care to follow standard procedures to avoid damage to the property but if you have not ensured the Technician has appropriate access and safe working space available leading to damage to the property or your belonging the Company will not take any responsibility or liability for damages.

3) Termite Treatments

When the Company provides Standard Termite Treatment Services to the client, the Company offers a 5 year warranty from initial treatment date. To maintain validity of this warranty, the client must ensure that renewal treatments are completed annually. For specialised termite cases, or where severe structural damage is found, a separate warranty may apply. The Company will inform the client of this prior to commencement.

Where termites are found in the property within a 12 month period from initial or renewal service, the Company will return as soon as possible, assess and retreat where necessary.

Any pre-exisiting structural damage to the property is strictly excluded from the warranty.