Treatment Information

By following these steps you’ll ensure that your property or business remains as Pest Free as possible.


Prior to Treatment

Give your home a deep clean!

Make sure that your property is clean and tidy prior to your treatment with us. This will ensure that our technicians can spray and apply gel and sand as effectively as possible.

Also note that once your property has been treated, you won’t be able to clean it (especially mop floors) for the next 24-48 hours.


After Treatment

Cockroaches and Other Pests

For a couple of weeks after your treatment, it’s perfectly normal to see pests due to the flushing effect of the treatment.

No matter how thorough a treatment is, some may survive and may carry eggs but will be controlled.

Your treatment will continue working after the initial spraying, providing ongoing control through the service period. So, just give it some time and they’ll be gone soon enough.

Rodents and Mice

You can expect to hear or see an increase in rodent activity after the treatment has been done.

  • The increase in activity is because they become attracted to the baits

  • This will subside over the next 3-4 weeks

  • Do not seal off any entrance/exit points until the infestation is under control


It is important that you do not spray anything or disturb the ant trails as ants carry the insecticide back to their nest.

  • If you are seeing scattered or dying ants, this is your indication that the treatment is working.

  • It is common to see an increase in ant activity up to 3 weeks after a treatment.


  • Ground spiders tend to be difficult to treat, as they hide in burrows. Normally more than 1 treatment is required.

  • Webbing spiders give themselves away due to the web presence.

  • After your treatment, spiders will be flushed out. Webbing spiders should be reduced by 80-100% depending on initial severity.

  • If you live in an area with lot of trees and shrubs, you will never stop spiders 100%.


Expect your treatment to take 3-4 weeks to take into effect.


What you should do to ensure treatment is as effective as possible

Clear rubbish and don’t leave food around.

You don’t want the pests to be attracted to another source of food.

Cockroaches and other Pests

  • Eliminate access to food
    Your treatment will work most effectively if food sources are removed. Clean up after meals, don’t leave food out overnight, empty bins regularly and ensure you store all food in airtight containers.

  • Eliminate access to water
    Dying cockroaches need water, so ensure that your sinks, bathtub and shower are kept as dry as possible, and put the plug in. This will speed up the treatment process.

Rodents and Mice

Is it quite hard to prevent rodents from entering your property all together as they can squeeze through tiny gaps.

However, there are some precautions you can take and these include:

  • Clear rubbish and stored items from areas of concern

  • Remove possible food sources such as food scraps, dirty dishes, food crumbs

  • Cut back trees and bushes from your home to stop easy access


Make your house less attractive to ants:

  • Wipe counter-tops, under appliances and any open jars of honey, syrups or sugars. Rinse out jars and containers before placing them in the bin.

  • Externally, keep trees and shrubs trimmed back and gutters and storm drains free of debris. Ensure all doors and windows are sealed.

  • Ants will gradually reinfest over time so you should watch for any new activity in and around your home and contact us for a treatment.


  • Webs should be left for at least a day after treatment and then removed.

  • Mow lawns and clean your gutters. Trim bushes and trees, cut back overgrown bushes and remove leaf matter.

  • Seal cracks, crevices or gaps in sliding doors, window screens and around pipes.